Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Sweet Love

A talented friend of mine is editing a video for a wedding about the adorable story of how they met.  As an idea he asked me if I could put some stick figure drawings in there to add some fun.  Here are the first 3, I have 2 more to send out to him.  You can check out his stuff >here<.  Thanks Vincenzo!  Lots of fun.

Some edits to one and a few more done.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wabi Sabi Flood Sketch

An friend and old teacher of mine sent out a calling for art that was centered on imperfection.

"Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese art form which celebrates transience and imperfection. Wabi Sabi embraces the aged, the incomplete, the “mistake.”

Sketch Wabi Sabi is a group devoted to these concepts. The drawings found here represent artists who make “ugly” things beautiful. Our subject matter is the ghetto, the hospital, the garbage can. If you find flowers on this page, they will most likely be wilting. And the sketches themselves need not be archival. We welcome coffee stains and yellowing newsprint."

When I was in Liberia there was a flood we were unable to get back to where we needed to go.  After trying different routes, we decided to ford a river and have taxi's pick us up on the other side.  My teammates and I enjoyed the experience, but our friends who were from the area were not so thrilled.

 Poor Martha was holding on for dear life, terrified.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Exchange

I'm exchanging artwork for dance lessons with my teacher, and we did the International Viennese Waltz last week. If no other dance winds you, this one will. GOODNESS it moves.  She requested I draw her two kitties.  Two kitties for two lessons.  Here's the preliminary sketch of the first one.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Brainstorm and Pizza

This past Saturday I went with my friend Cory to a show at Mia Roma in Kenmore and unexpectedly met up with many other friends from a dance class I take every Friday.  Chadd, whom I did intend to see, I knew from my weekly dance class.  He has a business restoring saxophones and is a marvelous musician (  He performs with a group called Brainstorm who plays a vast array of cover songs. They were REALLY good. During one song I went out with a fellow dance enthusiast and we boogied up a storm.

Mia Roma's has some tremendous pizza of which I partook and couldn't finish it all.  They, like any good pizza place, gave me a pizza box to take home my half-eaten goodie.  While listening to the hoppin' music I was staring at this blank, white pizza box.  Blank, white anything makes me uneasy and fortune would have it that I am an artist.  So I brought out my pencil case and started sketching.  Something I forgot about sketching in public is that people are there and are curious.  By the end of my sketching I had been "Oooo-ed" and "Aaaaah-ed" at by about half the people in the small venue.  Then the box was flashed by about 10 cameras with exclamations of "OH MY GAWD THAT'S MEEE!" and passed around the whole room eventually to reach the band, where it stayed.  The box was held up by the lead singer and I was called out as the artist.  With a strange mix of pride and embarrassment, I waved my acknowledgement.  It's not great, but it was appreciated, so I am happy with it.

Thanks for playing, Brainstorm.  It was lovely to listen and swing to your music.  Thanks to you, Chadd, for inviting me and being an amazing Sax player.