Sunday, July 20, 2014

Masks #2 & #3

A friend of mine from Toastmasters needed some masks for his brother's Masquerade 10 year anniversary party.  This made me really excited because that means I work with other people and create something collaboratively, even if it's "I like cats", which was actually kinda something that happened.  Also, there was the added challenge of getting these both done withing a week.  EXCITING!

Part 1 - Get them PLASTERED!
Carefully greasing the face so the plaster doesn't pull it off is important.  I had a bad run in when I had my face plastered.... I had to make a trip to the bar after that.  Lesson learned - SHAVE!

Part 2 - Paper Mache
In the tradition of the Italian Mask Makers, I ordered a special Wool Paper made only in the UK.  VERY interesting texture.  I like it a lot.  Anyway, the binder is actually watered down wood glue.  Very sturdy.

Part 3 - Shaping!!!
The concept: Hawk and Cat.  They compiled some pictures of masks they liked and gave me aspects they appreciated.  For the cat, large eyes and the hawk, something like Batman or a medieval helmet , where the sides hang down toward the jaw.

BREAK!  Let's see how they fit!

Further shaping - additions!

Some prelims paint jobs.  I'm not 100% on how the hawk mask turned out as far as the paint job goes, but the client was happy and I'm learning to just move on to the next project.  Keep moving forward!  The ribbon for the hawk mask posed a problem.  There wasn't enough space on the forehead to allow for one long ribbon to circle around like on the cat.  My brother Mike helped with an idea of rolling some ribbon up in the paper then distributing the stress differently.  Worked out quite well - he learned it from building rockets.

And now the reveal!

The hawk mask doesn't sit right....but I'm working on solving the problem.  As it is now, as long as he ties the ribbons higher on the head, it actually sits on his face.  Anyway, I'm pleased.  It was a fun project.

Thank you, Jonathan and Liana for the opportunity to make these masks for you and get to know you better.

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