Saturday, July 19, 2014

Musings of a Child

My oldest brother and sis-in-law were visiting a little while ago and my whole family....all 15 of us....went to the beach.  On the way there, a niece of mine who just turned 3, was sitting next to me in the car and my visiting sis was in the front passenger seat.  We were talking with my niece about what is at the beach and one thing she mentioned was "Ralph Fish".... what?  We found out, via her mother, that she meant "real fish".  Now, we wanted to know what Ralph Fish looked like.  Jo, my niece, started listing off things it didn't have, like fins, wings, teeth and so on until we were running out of EVERYTHING.  We started to ask, "well, does it have tentacles?"  Jo responds with, "I guess it can.....and a BELLY! *giggle*".  I decided to draw a Ralph Fish.

As a Ralph Fish does not have teeth, I suppose it just sucks on things....not successfully.  That is why there are so few to be seen.  This one has latched onto a very disinterested snail.  I showed it to Jo and she said there needs to be a shell.  so I added a cockle shell and Jo exclaimed, "THAT'S IT!  JUST AS I SAW IT!"  
I am pleased.

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